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Challenge Is a Given, Attitude a Choice
Kara Scott speaks on her positive attitude after becoming paralysed, juggling vulnerability, stereotypes, and day-to-day mum challenges.
80 Percent Is Good Enough
Sarah Appelt speaks on recovering from an eating disorder, following her inner voice, creating a business and a fulfilled life in India.
Challenge as a Meditation
Jason Stephenson speaks on how challenges and suffering provide an opportunity to connect us with ourselves and others on a deeper level.
Embracing Uncertainty
Francesco Leone speaks on creating businesses with passion, losing everything and finding the courage to restart from zero.
Money off my Mind
Financial security can be a value worth striving for but also a burden that keeps us from making authentic decisions in life.
Finding Resilience in 21 Hour Swim
Crossing the English Channel in a daring 21 hour swim, Ashleigh Seymour found proof of her own resilience and inspired many on the way.
4270 Kilometres on Foot
Physiotherapist and health coach Thomas Clemens speaks on through-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and living a healthy life into old age.

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Most Recent Episode

Are you holding open the door for fate to enter or do you push it close?

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Sometimes we hit obstacles, sometimes miracles lift us across them.

In this episode, musical theater performer Romeo Salazar shares his experience of losing the stage to perform on during the Covid pandemic. In this juicy, textured conversation we contrast seemingly mere luck and helping fate find you through your active being and doing.

Filipino-born and Catholic-raised Romeo takes us back to his years growing up as a highly ambitious student and athlete who struggled to accept his love for men. While his parents foresaw an academic future for him, their rebellious son followed his north star first as a dancer on national TV. For 36 years now and counting, he has been working as a choreographer, dancer, singer, and actor on renowned stages such as London’s West End and musical theaters across Germany.

Equipped with life’s degree in gratitude, authenticity, and the courage to face potential rejection, he built this career on the foundation of no professional education in music whatsoever. In fact, he did not even know what a Top C was all the while chanting it away in one of his first auditions.

Romeo proves that as long as your heart and mind are open, you can achieve more than you can possibly see coming for yourself. And that rock bottoms along the way are not bitter obstacles or signs of failure. Although no one loves their presence in life, dark times are a necessary ingredient to becoming who you are capable of being. Accepting whatever is, and whoever you are authentically, is key to holding open the door for fate to come in and do its magic…

Romeo Salazar | WHYLD Podcast

Romeo Salazar

Musical Theater Performer

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