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Challenge Is a Given, Attitude a Choice
Kara Scott speaks on her positive attitude after becoming paralysed, juggling vulnerability, stereotypes, and day-to-day mum challenges.
Finding Resilience in 21 Hour Swim
Crossing the English Channel in a daring 21 hour swim, Ashleigh Seymour found proof of her own resilience and inspired many on the way.
4270 Kilometres on Foot
Physiotherapist and health coach Thomas Clemens speaks on through-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and living a healthy life into old age.

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Welcome to the Podcast.

Most Recent Episode

How can you tell a season is ending?

That’s a question I have asked myself for 19 episodes of WHYLD Podcast 😅

When I first started this podcast, I guess it felt calming to have a built-in drop out option, a natural end in case this creative endeavour was going nowhere. The opportunity to say anytime: “Hey, this is the last episode of Season 1… and you happen to have to wait for some 2 years for the next season to go live”. 

However, my mentality as a podcaster has shifted from boxed (season) mindset to growth mindset. And so after a while, it made no longer sense to keep adding episodes to a finite season. But when would be a good, organic point in time to end it? I had missed the exit of the first-year mark passing, so when if not NOW? 😃 

Hence, with the end of 2021 approaching, after 20 episodes, a plethora of touching stories as well as learnings taken from them, this chapter is closing. And closing it is with fanfares (not literally), throwbacks and new insights (literally) by some of our awesome former WHYLD guests. 

What’s in store for you? Well, if you are curious… 

  • whether Romeo Salazar, musical theatre performer (Episode 15), found his way back onto the stage after Covid took it from him… 
  • how long Francesco Leone (Episode 7), a serial entrepreneur who does not at all like that title 😉, managed to endure life as a financially free, early retiree… 
  • what new challenges await Thomas Clemens (Episode 2), who spent 5 rather… linear months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, in his nowadays multi-commitment business and family life… 
  • why trading high pay for high purpose worked out for Rebecca Huynh (Episode 6) as she blissfully drives ambulances these days… 
  • what Sarah Appelt (Episode 9) sees on the horizon for ex-pat life in India… 

… listening to this episode is how you’ll find out!

Enjoy the podcast as well as a blissful end of the year!

Much love – Tina ❤️

P.S. Here are some resources mentioned in the episode:

  • the concepts “Be-Do-Have Model” and “Sharpen the Saw” in Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • the notion of the “Personal Legend” in Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist”
  • mentions of Ashleigh Seymour (Episode 4), Sandra Winterbach (Episode 13), Delia Botea (Episode 19)
Season Finale | WHYLD Podcast

Season 1 Finale

with former guests Romeo, Francesco, Tom, Bek & Sarah

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