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What greater teacher is there than life itself

and the people we are lucky to cross paths with on our own journey?

Being curious about people and having travelled quite a bit, Tina has turned her talent of bumping into peculiar individuals in all corners of the world into a diverse, humbling, and valuable assortment of friends and inspiring strangers. The desire to make others see what Tina sees in some of these wonderfully authentic, insightful, lovable individuals was the starting point for WHYLD Podcast – a medium to:

  • Bring together friends and strangers for conversations on topics that might expand their horizons
  • Foster the exchange of thoughts between people of diverse walks of life
  • Give extraordinary people „from next door“ a voice to share their stories
  • Celebrate people’s authentic life choices
Logo Icon | WHYLD Podcast

How can you be part of WHYLD?

We produce every episode with love and care. They are a gift to you which can be multiplied limitlessly. Take away from our content that what you deem valuable. You may want to try on new thoughts, challenge long held beliefs, disagree with some aspects, or find yourself affirmed by others sharing your experiences, your thoughts, your dreams. Please be invited to share your own view through means of our social media presences, invite your friends to the discussion, or share the podcast with them. Let us know if you personally know someone whose voice should be heard or if we should cover a certain topic in one of our next episodes.

We appreciate you.


The WHYLD Podcast Team

People behind WHYLD

Tina Hewelt | WHYLD Podcast

Tina Hewelt

WHYLD Writer & Speaker

Coach & Psychologist

Always busy envisioning and doing things, happiest when travelling, switching contexts, and learning something new about the outer and inner world.

Nicolai Illing | WHYLD Podcast

Nicolai Illing

WHYLD Website Creator

Industrial Engineer & Agile Coach

Passionate about portaying the world through a lense, energetic conversations, and pointed humour.