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Do you doubt you live up to people’s expectations of you? Do you tend to belittle your own successes?

Welcome to the club of many.⁠

⁠Sometimes we call it modesty, sometimes we speak in the name of realism, sometimes we claim to acknowledge the support of others.⁠

But frankly: oftentimes we simply cannot accept our own greatness.⁠

⁠In this episode, we unpack the so-called IMPOSTER SYNDROME – a psychological phenomenon that has people feeling like they are a fraud. It disproportionately affects high-achieving individuals, who find it difficult to acknowledge their accomplishments.⁠

⁠We also speak about STEREOTYPE THREAT– a rather nasty psychological effect that gives stereotypes a self-fulfilling power: If your environment puts a label on your forehead and you really want to disprove the negative stereotypes around it, this can weaken your performance and leave you even more doubtful of your capabilities.⁠

⁠And we look at THINKING PATTERNS that encourage doubt in one’s own abilities, how these patterns negatively affect our health and our lives – and what we can do to unlearn them.⁠

⁠A must listen if any of this reminds you of yourself. ⁠
⁠You owe yourself the respect you think you do not deserve!⁠

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Listen to EPISODE 4 with Ashleigh Seymour and to EPISODE 15 with Romeo Salazar to learn what these two beautiful souls had to say about the “imposter” topic.⁠

Are You an Imposter | WHYLD Podcast

Are You an Imposter?

Solo Episode

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