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Split Person - Artem Malushenko - Pexels - square

Who Am I? (Episode 34 Transcript)

Am I allowed to update my identity? Tina’s story about losing interest in a dream career, navigating polyamory, and seeking consistency in times of change.

True Colours - Pexels -Photo by Vitória Santos

5 (False?) Beliefs About Being More Authentic

“Authenticity” has become a trending concept that has the power to free or – if interpreted unhelpfully – burden us. This post scrutinizes 5 unhelpful beliefs about being (more) authentic.

15 Years of Hiding Anxiety

Tina’s personal story of hiding a ‘car driving’ anxiety for 15 years and the one strategy that finally helped to overcome it.

Ally’s Long Journey Home

The story of how a Romanian street dog was rescued from death and came to be Ally, WHYLD’s Chief Happiness Officer.