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Running away from where it hurt? We all have done that. But walking back towards it?


Being rejected for who you are takes a toll on a soul. Especially so if the ones rejecting you are the very people you love most – your family, your community.

This happened to Meagan after being outed as a gay woman. One day she is a valued member of the local athletic and Christian community, on the next her “choices” are condemned as sinful and appalling.

She left Mississippi. But after years of seeking a sense of self-worth away from home, Meagan decided that healing could only be done where it all had begun: home.

In this episode, writer and speaker Meagan O’Nan shares her journey towards self-love, reconnecting with her community, and raising a child of two moms there. You’ll learn about Meagan’s take on the differences between authenticity and vulnerability and find out why she says: “Speaking vulnerably has changed my life.”

You can read more about and from Meagan in her 3 books:

  • Creating Your Heaven on Earth: Unveiling the Truth that Was Always There (2008)
  • Courage: Agreeing to Disagree Is Not Enough (2014)
  • Held and Free (will be published in September 2022)
Meagan O'Nan | WHYLD Podcast Episode 25

Meagan O'Nan

Storytelling expert, writer and speaker

Find Meagan on

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