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#April 23 Gems From the Authenticity Community

Authentically Alive - Pexels - Photo by Juan Mendez

Sharing Is Caring

That’s why we are sharing our monthly top picks of resources from the (broadly interpreted) “authenticity realm”. As an inspiration, education, food for thought, and invitation to discuss.


Do you have recommendations for great blogs, articles, books, podcasts, videos? Comment down below!

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Everybody has secrets. Everybody. I guess the difference is that we either die with them and let them eat us up, or we put them out there, wrestle with them (or they wrestle with us) until we… reconcile. Secrets are what swallow us.

― Viola Davis

Authenticity is no a state you can reach. Just like you as a person will never have arrived for good – you are constantly changing and evolving. Keywords: Alignment, Feeling Lost, Joy


A conversation on living more authentically, navigating change, as well as balancing the usage of head, heart, and hands. Keywords: Change, Transition, Trust


Hardships in life can be a setback, or an accelerator – often, it is both. Coach Seth Lusk writes about how his queerness became a source of high performance for him. Keywords: Holding Space, Practice, Success

WHYLD Community Outreach

photos: Juan Mendez

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