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#March23 Gems From the Authenticity Community

Authentically Alive - Pexels - Photo by Juan Mendez

Sharing Is Caring

That’s why we are sharing our monthly top picks of resources from the (broadly interpreted) “authenticity realm”. As an inspiration, education, food for thought, and invitation to discuss.


Do you have recommendations for great blogs, articles, books, podcasts, videos? Comment down below!

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“If you become like the world, you’ll have nothing to offer it.”

― Lisa D’Anna

Shelley considers herself a rebel and used to be the chief marketing officer of a “rebel” company – until she figured she wasn’t on the right path of rebellion. Keywords: Career, Success, Soul


Dealing with a dear person in crisis is tricky and we might be tempted to offer empty words of optimism, want the person to get better for our own sake, or even turn away because of our own discomfort. Instead, how can we genuinely be there for someone in crisis? Keywords: Empathy, Listening, Psychological Crisis


Are you working in a truly human-centered organisation? How inviting authenticity into the work life can bring out the best in people and add to a company’s bottom line. Keywords: Work Culture, Intuition, Empathy


WHYLD Community Outreach

photos: Juan Mendez

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