Sexing Out Loud. Own Your Pleasure – Alexa Bowditch

Alexa Bowditch | WHYLD Podcast Episode 26

Do you get the sex you want?   Oops, what a bucket-of-cold-water type of question. Especially for those of you who don’t usually find yourself in conversations about sex. Why should one even podcast about it? Well… I dare say, sex, love, and relationships are a vital part of everyone’s life. This applies in some […]

Travelling Through Life in a Mobile Record Studio – with Ady Parzentny

Adrian "Ady" Parzentny | WHYLD Podcast Episode 24

When will you stop treating your passion as a hobby?   To Ady Parzentny, music is everything. Has been for decades. When the working day was over, he used to hit the rehearsal room and play the night away. But making music for a living? Unthinkable. After all, is it really appropriate for a punk […]

How to Reclaim Life Through Authentic Choices – with Sam Sheppard

Sam Sheppard | WHYLD Podcast Episode 23

What if you chose YOU today?   “By making that choice I became significantly happier. And from then on, every time I made a choice that literally felt authentic, I would gain freedom, I would gain happiness.”  Those are the words of Sam Sheppard. A kind woman with a big heart and a beautiful warm […]

Candidly Speaking – with Adolpha Cole

Adolpha Cole | WHYLD Podcast Episode 22

“Why do white people hate black people?”   This is an honest question which people visiting Candidly Speaking events seek answers to. In other contexts, (white) people might read this as an accusation and begin to push back – but not in the intimate space️ Adolpha Cole & her team create for their participants. Candidly Speaking […]

Exploring the World Awake – with Erik Lorenz

Erik Lorenz | WHYLD Podcast Episode 21

Have you ever, during your travels, had a conversation that was so beautiful, so rare, so impactful that you wished others could have witnessed it? A fleeting moment in time, sharing your universe with a person whom you will likely never meet again. The stranger at the café in Marrakesh, the trucker in New Zealand, […]

Season 1 Finale With Former Guests Romeo, Francesco, Tom, Bek & Sarah

Season Finale | WHYLD Podcast

How can you tell a season is ending?   That’s a question I have asked myself for 19 episodes of WHYLD Podcast When I first started this podcast, I guess it felt calming to have a built-in drop out option, a natural end in case this creative endeavour was going nowhere. The opportunity to say […]

The Blue Collared Woman

The Blue Collared Woman | WHYLD Podcast

Can you be the same person that you are at home? Before brushing off this question, pause and reflect. Why should you even ask yourself this? Why shouldn’t you be able to be yourself at work? Why should this be important, after all? Workplaces are spaces in which we spend a whole lot of our […]