Dad’s Advice on Living Your Best Asexual Life – Cody Daigle-Orians

Cody Daigle-Orians | WHYLD Podcast Episode 30

Is it okay to not want sex?   “I just thought I was a broken gay guy for 20 years.”   When Cody Daigle-Orians first posted a video on TikTok, outing himself as asexual, he immediately received hundreds of comments from young ace (asexual) people saying “Wow, I didn’t know ace adults existed!” He was […]

Skin Tales: Body Painting As Healing Art? – Kristen Zamora (Adams)

Kristen Zamora | WHYLD Podcast Episode 29

What if the most vulnerable parts of your story were painted on your skin? “An artist’s job is sometimes not to be popular. An artist’s job sometimes is just to create conversation where conversation is needed.” This can be a scary thought. We all navigate the sweet tension between wanting to be SEEN for who […]

A Family Sailing the Oceans for a Living – Brian Trautman

Brian Trautman and his daughter steering the sailing boat

A life happening on land, a vacation on a boat…   … we have heard of that option before. But who says it can’t be the other way round?  Former electrical engineer Brian Trautman figured an 18-month sabbatical at sea would get him over a “freakout about life” when he left shore in Seattle back […]

Sexing Out Loud. Own Your Pleasure – Alexa Bowditch

Alexa Bowditch | WHYLD Podcast Episode 26

Do you get the sex you want?   Oops, what a bucket-of-cold-water type of question. Especially for those of you who don’t usually find yourself in conversations about sex. Why should one even podcast about it? Well… I dare say, sex, love, and relationships are a vital part of everyone’s life. This applies in some […]

Travelling Through Life in a Mobile Record Studio – with Ady Parzentny

Adrian "Ady" Parzentny | WHYLD Podcast Episode 24

When will you stop treating your passion as a hobby?   To Ady Parzentny, music is everything. Has been for decades. When the working day was over, he used to hit the rehearsal room and play the night away. But making music for a living? Unthinkable. After all, is it really appropriate for a punk […]

How to Reclaim Life Through Authentic Choices – with Sam Sheppard

Sam Sheppard | WHYLD Podcast Episode 23

What if you chose YOU today?   “By making that choice I became significantly happier. And from then on, every time I made a choice that literally felt authentic, I would gain freedom, I would gain happiness.”  Those are the words of Sam Sheppard. A kind woman with a big heart and a beautiful warm […]

Candidly Speaking – with Adolpha Cole

Adolpha Cole | WHYLD Podcast Episode 22

“Why do white people hate black people?”   This is an honest question which people visiting Candidly Speaking events seek answers to. In other contexts, (white) people might read this as an accusation and begin to push back – but not in the intimate space️ Adolpha Cole & her team create for their participants. Candidly Speaking […]

Exploring the World Awake – with Erik Lorenz

Erik Lorenz | WHYLD Podcast Episode 21

Have you ever, during your travels, had a conversation that was so beautiful, so rare, so impactful that you wished others could have witnessed it? A fleeting moment in time, sharing your universe with a person whom you will likely never meet again. The stranger at the café in Marrakesh, the trucker in New Zealand, […]