Don’t Sacrifice Your Passions for Your Interests

Tina Hewelt in nature | WHYLD Podcast

Don’t Sacrifice Your Passion for Your Interests Engines Roaring   That was a tricky one to figure out. I was close to pouring much time and energy into something that is a real interest for me – but not my passion.   If you are like me, your inner fire burns hot and it is […]

WHYLD Podcast Is Not for You, Is It?

WHYLD Podcast Is Not for You, Is It? A podcast that orbits around authenticity – this is not for you, is it?⁠   It’s for the spirituals, the seekers, the lost ones… not you. You are authentic, you live with integrity, don’t you?⁠ But… do you?⁠⁠ Do ever catch yourself saying yes when you want […]