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Welcome to the WHYLD Podcast

Inspire people. Support others’ growth. Create a meaningful life. If this mission resonates with your own values, this podcast is for you.

My name is Tina Hewelt and I create WHYLD because I love people and am deeply curious about why they do what they do. Especially if – to me – they seem to have weird hobbies, quirky personalities, out of the box thinking, I love exploring what gets them excited and drives their actions. I have had the chance to meet gorgeous individuals all over the planet whose experiences, backgrounds, dreams, world views and personalities intrigue me and I know that sharing their stories will be of value for you.

So in many episodes of this podcast, you’ll get to be part of a conversation with some of these amazing human beings. In other episodes, I’ll speak to you solo on all sorts of topics related to developing as an individual or group of people.

So are you ready to jump right in? Awesome! This episode is about WHY you should speak out loud about your dreams and intentions.

Tina Hewelt | WHYLD Podcast

Tina Hewelt

WHYLD Podcast Creator

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